Vicente Sarmento, 37 years old, with a confident face.

Hi! I am Vicente Sarmento (Vince), a 14-year experienced designer bridging the gap between users' interests and company objectives working as a Product Designer.

I have worked on long-term established products and new ones, bringing them to life from the ground up - helping in each step of the product life cycle.

I have led product redesign and worked should-to-shoulder with Product Owners to keep the product's communication, information, and direction clear to all involved: sales, marketing, content creators, developers, and other designers.

Working remotely at Semente Educação has been a blast - already three years and counting! The focus is on creating a delicious and engaging online learning experience for more than 20.000 students through three fully responsive web apps: Plataforma S, Coreskills, and Programa Semente.

I share visual references about a wide range of topics at _culturavisual on Instagram.

If you want to chat with me, send a message through Linkedin or Twitter.